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Excellent book!!!

The author was truly riveting and true to the previous era that was depicted during post colonial era jn Barbados when people of mulatta era especially women were revered for their beauty, but it sometimes proved to be a doubled edge sword. Mrs Belgrave was not afraid to express in the book what other people are ashamed to acknowledge what people in the pass concept of life in terms of color which has somewhat changed today.

 – By Elsa Johnson on December 12, 2013


Growing up in Barbados Review

The book Growing Up in Barbados for me was great and exciting reading. The story was very intense and emotional from the beginning to the end. I just could not put it down! As for the life of the main character it was explosive, there was also happiness but also much sadness. The book also captured much information on the history and culture of the island of Barbados during the time period identified, which I found to be very enlightening.

 – By Jean-paul on November 2, 2013


Good reading!

Growing up in Barbados is a very interesting and riveting book about the kind of unfortunate situation that some young people have to deal with. Sereta Belgrave tells the story in a real way that will keep you reading until the end! What I also found interesting was the information shared within the narrative about Barbados so that anyone reading the book can get a glimpse of things Barbadian and what life used to be like in old Barbados. Well done, Sereta! I hope this will not be your last book!

 – By Diane Cummins on October 29, 2013


Growing Up In Barbados

Carefully interweaving issues of race, poverty and exploitation, Growing Up in Barbados highlights the vulnerabilities, struggles and moral dilemmas that are too often a reality in young women’s lives. The Author takes you on a journey of heartache and triumph that simultaneously provides a lesson in the history and culture of Barbados.

 – By Tina on October 28, 2013